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Hakata port international terminal

A top image
The left and "Hakata port evening sun"
"Morning sun from Yamato" got all wonderful images of externals from
the right and Mr. who chose.
Thank you.

reservation of economy hotel
'Chochan' (touyoko In)"

šAbout this siteš

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It established it on January 4, 2001.

I say, handle name "funekichi" from Kyushu and Fukuoka.
The bulletin board is a homepage of the center here.
This homepages are all OK concerning ship whole, a ferry, a cargo-passenger
ship, a passenger boat, freighter RORO ship high-speed ship, the ferryboat
sea, the voyage, the port, and harbors.BInformation, the opinion,
the memories dream, the memory, and atcIt is possible to say, it is
possible to hear, it is possible to see, and idea is dreamt and I want to
go for the Waiwai in the work with you.
Ladies and gentlemen, my best regards.
I hope the bulletin board as a place of the opinion where it lives especially.
There are five kinds about the sentence contribution type, the image contribution
type, the embarkation record contribution, and the chat
contributions and the ship ideas.
Please see that the concept of this homepage is written in the
profile if it is good.
Manager( handle name is funekichi)

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Ship, port, and marine transportation relation and the latest topics@ Λ Žž
It is criminal of me. @(άήά)
Passenger Boat
From the floating hotel to a high-speed ship. 8/16
Special loading ship, RORO ship, and freight ferry
It is not possible ..port.. to separate from the ship.
Ships in Japan-South Korea sea route Ships who connect Japan with South Korea(tentative opening)
Feature of image of jetfoil

Long distance Feri?History 1968?2002 tentative
Ships in the Philippines
It is an embarkation record and an image by the Mr./Ms. Mikami offer.
Information that coils round port Port and terminal information(memories and special product)
Your valuable image Your Albamunutaop tentative return
Invitation to foreign countries Ferry information that works at Japan retirement foreign countries
4/30 2002”N
It is impossible every day ₯ One respondent diary.
Idea bulletin board
Such ..like.. an idea : ..here... d Bulletin board
Image bulletin board
Visitors' ship relation and image bulletin boards
Sentence bulletin board
Information, report, and bulletin board main any opinion.
Embarkation record bulletin board
It is a bulletin board of your embarkation record revival.
Λ Žž
Chat bulletin board
They are talked plazas other than the ship.
Embarkation record manager
It is present of the manager from 2001 the embarkation record.
The the latest and current chat is opened to the public.
Ship popularity vote
Please teach a favorite ship and a nostalgic ship.
Λ Žž
Self introduction
Manager profile

Feature corner
Page of feature

12/8 2002”N
Talk of ship this and that
Story concerning ship. One-point
Scrap image
Scrapbook of ferry and passenger boat

7/20 2002”N
Funnel collection
They are the symbols, and the funnel collections of ships.
Ship, port, ship good, sea, marine transportation, voyage, and sightseeing
The pale green color page is a page of the participation type, and
participate rapidly, please.
Your valuable image is an album of a valuable work of you contributed.
Please see by all means.
Ferry himuka ..facing.. staff
It is a banner of this HP. Manager
In this site, the link is free.
When the report can be gotten, I will link here.